Coralie is our Office Manager at Migration Solutions. She manages our administration team and assists migration agents with their back office administration.

My name is Coralie House and I am the Office Manager here at Migration Solutions, though have also previously worked as the Client Services Coordinator as well. My role involves managing the company’s accounts administration, performing tasks such as following up on client payments and monitoring the Department of Immigration’s further requests and deadlines via email correspondence.

Having migrated to Australia myself from England, my own personal experience of the Australian immigration process has had a major influence on the way I perform my job. When my family and I moved to Australia we had a bad experience using another Adelaide-based migration agency that gave us poor advice, and led to our first application being refused as a result. This experience means I know firsthand how frustrating having an application refused can be, and is what motivates me to make sure I perform my work to the best of my ability in order to help secure a successful visa application for our clients.

Migration Solutions is a great place to work, and having experienced the business from a client perspective as well I know just how professional our administration staff and agents really are. When the rest of my family (parents and sister) migrated here in 2007, my husband and I ensured that Mark and the rest of the team handled all of their applications. Whilst my mother and sister’s applications were relatively straightforward, my father’s case was far more complicated, and could have very easily been refused if Migration Solutions hadn’t helped prepare such a strong application for him.

Working as part of such a strong support staff is one of the best parts about working at Migration Solutions. Knowing that everyone in the organisation is committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients, from the administration team right up to the Managing Director, is a great feeling and one of the reasons our company achieves so much success.

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