Migration Solutions has assisted many sporting organisations, business and government departments secure a wide-range of Australian temporary and permanent residency visas.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services in the employer-sponsored or corporate migration space. This ranges from assistance with recruitment and relocation to assistance with the visa application process. If you are a business who needs to utilise the 457 program to assist skill shortages or working within a HR department providing these services, there is a lot you need to know and be aware of.

It is vitally important that you are aware of and comply with your sponsorship obligations and are aware of relevant details of all employees engaged on 457 visas. Migration Solutions can take the risk out of this program by assisting you to implement a corporate governance model pertaining to the sponsorship obligations. Migration Solutions can also carry out an audit of all current 457 employees, ensuring that employers/sponsors are compliant with all sponsorship obligations.

Common Corporate Visa Types

Listed below are a number of commonly-used corporate visa types that Migration Solutions frequently work with when sourcing skilled workers for local businesses.

For businesses, skills shortages effect productivity and business outcomes The Australian migration program not only allows businesses to recruit internationally and fill skill shortages, it also acts as an enabler and facilitator, enabling growth and allowing businesses to successfully win and tender for new projects. See below for an example of how we have assisted businesses to expand and diversify their operations through use of the skilled migration programme.

Corporate Case Study

The immigration application process is just one step of the international recruitment process.  The correct selection of international staff and relocation is fundamentally important to maximise retention and success of international employees, another service that we offer.

Key people for Corporate Services

Mark_2Mark Glazbrook

CEO / Principal Migration Agent
Registered Migration Agent Number: 0100185

Mark Glazbrook is the Managing Director of Migration Solutions and has been involved in the migration profession for over 17 years.

Call Mark on 8210 9800 or email him

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NamNam Hoang

Practice Manager / Executive Migration Agent
Registered Migration Agent Number: 0641294

Nam is the business operations manager and a senior migration consultant at Migration Solutions, responsible for the day-to-day business operations of work undertaken.

Call Nam on 8210 9800 or email him

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SusanSusan Mulder

Senior Migration Coordinator (Corporate)

Susan is the senior migration coordinator primarily working with our corporate clients and processing employer-sponsored visa applications such as 457 visas.

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