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Migration Solutions was founded in 2001 by CEO Mark Glazbrook, and has since grown into one of Australia’s largest and most comprehensive migration agencies.

Currently our team includes five fully-registered migration agents, along with numerous other visa support and administrative staff that are committed to delivering unparalleled standards in professionalism and personalized service to our clients.


Migration Solutions has two distinct divisions - corporate migration and general migration. These two divisions have been established to cater specifically for Australian businesses and companies recruiting staff internationally, as well as for the needs of individual applicants, such as skilled migrants and family members applying for Australian visas.

Migration Solutions has access to a broad range of resources that are designed to assist clients in ensuring the application process is as smooth as possible. Our agents’ comprehensive skills, professional knowledge, expertise, service and capabilities cannot be matched by any other locally based migration business.

Why use Migration Solutions? One word. Experience.

Our agents possess over 40 years of combined experience in migration consultancy, and have collectively assisted in securing over 35,000 successful visa grants.This depth of experience is important in ensuring the migration process remains as seamless as possible, and becomes absolutely vital should any difficulties be encountered throughout.

Scope of services

Migration Solutions offers an extensive range of services to assist in the preparation and lodging of your visa application, as well as ongoing assistance and support where required throughout its processing.

Included among these services are:

  • providence of detailed advice on what visa options are available to you
  • liaison with any external bodies on your behalf, and inform you of any assessments or tests you must undergo prior to application
  • preparation of your visa application in a professional and accurate format
  • reviewal of all documentation and relevant forms
  • lodgment of your application with the DIBP.

After your application has been lodged, we can also provide the following assistance:

  • act on your behalf throughout the process of your visa application
  • act as an ongoing liaison and communicator with DIBP regarding your visa application
  • monitor and inform you of the status and progress of your application
  • provide ongoing support and assistance whilst your visa is processed
  • immediate notifiy you of the outcome of your visa application.


As well as our four fully-registered migration agents, Migration Solutions employs three migration coordinators and a host of additional support staff. This level of staffing ensures an incomparable level of efficiency and comprehensiveness is able to be afforded to every one of our client’s applications.

Choosing an agent

registration-numberWhen choosing an agent, be sure to check the first two digits of the agent’s registration number. These indicate the year in which the agent became qualified to start practicing immigration consultancy, and provides a strong indication as to their level of experience.

Whilst using a Migration Agent in Australia isn’t a legal requirement, attempting to apply for a visa with information found on the DIBP website is fraught with danger. Information displayed on the DIBP website is not always correct, and total reliance on this source can set back your application a long way.

Why can't I just use information on the DIBP website?

You can. However you should be aware that information provided on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's website isn't guaranteed to be current or even accurate due to the frequency with which immigration policy is altered and updated.

Sole reliance on this information when lodging an application is fraught with danger, as the Department does not take any responsibility for misinformation that results in an application being refused.


Disclaimer: The information on this website is designed to provide an overview of various types of corporate and general migration visas programs. For a more detailed overview of Australia’s migration program and visa opportunities including the relevant eligibility criteria, please contact our office.

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