Corporate beliefs

The purpose of our Code of Ethics is to reinforce our commitment to high ethical standards and professional knowledge. Our code is important as it applies to all of the business operations carried out by Migration Solutions. It is the foundation upon which we conduct our business and continually build our reputation.

Migration Solutions is committed to maintaining our reputation for honesty, responsibility and fairness in its dealings with customers, clients, suppliers, staff and contractors.

We will only conduct business with individuals and companies, which we believe display high standards of personal integrity and business professionalism. Clients and Businesses that knowingly seek to have Migration Solutions staff violate our Code of Ethics will be subject to appropriate actions.

Why we have our Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is designed to fulfil the following functions:

  • Promote confidence and trust in the services provided by Migration Solutions
  • Define standards of conduct expected with all profession dealings with Migration Solutions
  • Provide clients with a clear statement of the standards which they can expect when engaging the services of Migration Solutions, and
  • Reflect the Migration Agents Code of Conduct.

Migration Solutions will in all dealings with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), visa applicants and their families, employers and their employees and any third parties associated with the immigration application process,

  1. Conduct our affairs in such a way as to ensure that we act in the best interests of our clients and any individual or professional body or organisation associated with that client.
  2. Endeavour to respond to all customer enquiries within 24 business hours.
  3. Advise an applicant, client or customer to engage, other experts and specialist whenever that person's interests would be better addressed by that service. Migration Solutions will also assist with any such recommendations where appropriate.
  4. We will not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct in the provision of services provided or our professional ability to carry out or conduct work or provide such services.
  5. We will be sensitive to the specific cultural and social needs of all applicants.
  6. Migration Solutions will provide effective internal complaint resolution and grievance procedures to deal with visa applicant, business or associated third party concerns.
  7. Migration Solutions will respect the confidentiality and privacy of any visa applicant, business or associated third parties,
  8. We will not without permission, use any confidential information acquired during the course of any work for personal advantage or for the advantage of a co-worker or a third person.
  9. Migration Solutions will protect personal information gained under privilege and contained in records in our custody. Subject to relevant legislation Migration Solutions will neither disclose nor enable others to disclose, personal information that would identify individuals as subjects of visa applications without their prior consent.
  10. Migration Solutions will preserve, protect and maintain the integrity of personal documentation and records in their control and the information contained therein and safeguard the records in our care against wilful or accidental damage, defacement alteration or theft.
  11. Migration Solutions shall not through negligence or malice injure directly or indirectly the reputation, prospects or business of another person or organisation.

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