What we do and why we do it!

The immigration application process is very involved, complicated and sometimes fraught with danger. Many of our clients are aware that one simple error, mistake or oversight may lead to the Immigration Department refusing a visa application. Like anything, however, when you have the right advice, assistance and professional help, this process can be a relatively pain free exercise.

Migration Solutions aims to help people navigate the treacherous waters of the Australian immigration process, and help build their lives anew in Australia. This is where our comprehensive skills, experience and capabilities will be of the greatest benefit to you. Our passion for what we do is proven by our success.

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As well as the assistance that we provide for the immigration process, we are also able to help with relocation and settlement. Our relocation and settlement service is carried out by a qualified counsellor who tailors each package to suit an individual’s particular needs.

Whether it be on-arrival meet and greet, arranging transfers to temporary accommodation, assistance with long term accommodation, obtaining health insurance, applying for a tax file number, assisting with child care or education requirements for children, we can arrange a package to suit anyone’s needs.

Contribution to Government Policies and Legislation

In addition to the day to day work that we carry out on behalf of our clients, Migration Solutions actively lobbies State and Federal Governments, Industry bodies, the Mediaand the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in order to improve inconsistencies and what we believe are oversights or anomalies within the Australian Immigration Regulations and Policy.

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Current lobbying issues

  • Introduction of an economic migration program.
  • Reduction of IELTS requirements for RSMS visa-holders, and reintroduce exceptional circumstances for age.
  • Reintroduction of the regional 457 visa.
  • Reintroduction of post-qualification temporary visas for international students in the VET sector.
  • Increase the migration program to 250,000 to 300,000 over next 5 years to allow capacity for economic and regional programs.

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Key people at Migration Solutions

Mark_2Mark Glazbrook

Managing Director
Registered Migration Agent Number: 0100185

Mark Glazbrook is the Managing Director of Migration Solutions and has been involved in the migration profession for over 17 years.

Call Mark on 8210 9800 or email him

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NamNam Hoang

Senior Migration Consultant
Registered Migration Agent Number: 0641294

Nam is the business operations manager and a senior migration consultant at Migration Solutions, responsible for the day-to-day business operations of work undertaken.

Call Nam on 8210 9800 or email him

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Vanessa_2Vanessa De Pretis

Migration Consultant
Registered Migration Agent Number: 1388116

Vanessa is a registered migration agent and project coordinator at Migration Solutions. She specialises in family visas and migration appeal process.

Call Vanessa on 8210 9800 or email her

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SusanSusan Mulder

Migration Agent
Registered Migration Agent Number: 1910863

Susan is a registered migration agent primarily working with our corporate clients and processing employer-sponsored visa applications such as 457 visas.

Call Susan on 8210 9800 or email her

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