Aussies forever after life-saving operation

by Paul Bidmeade

10 April 2015

The Mutunog family are new Australian citizens who in 2011 came very close to losing their eldest son Jan Mikael.

Originally from the Philippines, the Mutunog household was changed forever when Jan Mikael was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, a rare form of blood cancer, mainly found in children.

Jan Mikael needed a bone marrow transplant to be performed at a Canberra hospital.

The cost of the life-saving operation was $100,000, well over the family’s private health insurance cap of $30,000 per year.

Migration Solutions took on the case on a pro bono basis, providing our services free of charge for the family.

Our agents identified that by lodging a permanent employer sponsored application, we managed to not only assist a business in fulfilling a vacant position, but could also assist Jan Mikael to attain access to Medicare to permit the life-saving treatment.

Eighteen months after Jan Mikael’s treatment the family’s application for permanent residency was granted and they were thrilled to be able to settle in the Northern Territory.


Since then, the Mutunog family have become Australian citizens.

The family said they were extremely grateful to become Australian citizens in the country that saved Jan Mikael’s life.

“We would like to say thank you for all the support!! We’re so grateful for all your help and for everything from the bottom of our hearts! This marks again as another important milestone in our life!! Thank you Migration Solutions! Thank you Ms Vanessa! Thank you Mr Mark Glazbrook!”

Migration Solutions would like to congratulate the Mutunog family and wish them all the best in the country they call home.

Originally posted as Jan Mikael Case Study

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