Cooks and Hairdressers return to SOL

Overseas hairdressers and cooks will once again be eligible for permanent residency through state nomination in South Australia, after the occupations were returned to the State Nominated Skilled Occupation List (SNOL) this week.

The popular occupations headlined 18 new additions to the List, after being removed in 2010 following a major government crackdown on program rorting.

Migration Solutions Managing Director Mark Glazbrook says the changes will be welcomed not only by migrants, but also many hairdressing and restaurant businesses across Adelaide which have been crying out for greater access to international workers due to local skill shortages for some time now.

‘We’ve been hearing from restaurant owners and industry groups – such as RSCA Chief Executive Sally – for a long time now, saying that they’ve been crying out for these occupations to be returned to the List because of the fluctuating demand that exists within their industries, and the consequent need for flexibility’ he said.

‘It’s great to see that the shortage has finally been recognised. We think the return of these occupations to the List will be of great benefit to the local economy by allowing businesses to grow and expand, and also for the migrants that come here and contribute to the economy as a result of their residency.’

Another recent change to state nomination process is the re-naming of the ‘Off List’ for international graduates with a Bachelor degree or higher gained in South Australia, which is henceforth to be known as the Graduate List. The State Occupation List is still available to all applicants, including South Australian international graduates.

Applicants can be eligible for a nomination if they have a full skills assessment in their nominated occupation, IELTS 6.0 or above and at least one year of skilled work experience in the past three years.

Anyone with queries in regards to what the new additions mean for their residency pathway are encouraged to contact Migration Solutions for a consultation to discuss their eligibility.

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