DIBP investigates migration fraud

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control (DIBP) is investigating migration fraud, involving Irish visa applicants.

The DIBP believes that Irish emigrants have been obtaining passports with the native Gaelic spelling of their name. In many cases this is completely unrecognisable to non-Gaelic speakers and allows them to obtain a new working visa after their previous one has expired.


Irish citizens are entitled to a second passport featuring the Gaelic version of their name if it appears on their birth certificate. If the Gaelic name doesn’t appear on an Irish birth certificate, citizens also have the option of appealing to their nation’s Foreign Affairs department.

They must convince the Irish Foreign Affairs department that their Gaelic names have been a part of their everyday lives for at least two years.

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it was taking steps to ensure the right to an Irish language passport was not abused by its citizens in identity fraud.

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