Message from the Director

Welcome to the new and improved format of our monthly newsletter.

Each month we want to report and bring you up to date with the latest news and immigration stories but we noticed that if we only send our newsletter monthly by the time we send it to you, the information can sometimes be one two or even three weeks old.

I think it is very important that we can make you aware of the latest changes as they happen as this could help you to apply for a visa sooner or provide you with important or valuable information about changes to the Australian migration program.

In this edition of our newsletter we are focusing on international education and international students.

International education is a $15 Billion a year Industry in Australia, yet parts of the sector are affected with many breaches, rorts and illegal activity which can often leave students in a disadvantaged position.

Overall I believe that changes are urgently required within Australia’s international student program especially in regional and low population growth areas of Australia.

This is yet another example of where Australia’s one size fits all migration program significantly disadvantages South Australia and other areas such as Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

As always, I welcome your feedback and comments and hope you find our new format easier to read.

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Happy reading.

Mark Glazbrook.

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