Migration Solutions welcomes new Education Adelaide CEO

Migration Solutions Managing Director Mark Glazbrook says he is in support of recent calls from Education Adelaide for Adelaide to become a 24/7 city in order to increase its appeal to international students.

New Education Adelaide CEO Karyn Kent, who was featured in the Advertiser following her appointment last month, was quoted spruiking the economic benefits provided by international students.

Ms Kent is advocating for Adelaide to continue its current trend of revitalising the CBD in a bid to increase appeal to Asian students, who are used to city-based businesses being open for longer hours.

Among the contributions highlighted by Ms Kent was the economic activity provided by overseas visitors through avenues such as investment, property and “ultimately, migration.”

Also stated was the importance of international education to the South Australian economy, having contributed $924 million last year to make it the state’s fourth largest export behind only wheat, wine and mining.

Mr Glazbrook says he is pleased to see such an important appointment being awarded to someone who recognises the enormous benefits that the Australian student visa programme and international education sector have to offer South Australia.

“The international education sector is a hugely important revenue stream for South Australia, but one that currently isn’t being fully realised,” he said.

“It is very often misunderstood the extent of the benefits that international students provide to education providers and the wider economy. They live in houses or apartments, they purchase local produce, they eat in our cafes and restaurants, the shop in our local stores, drive cars on our roads. Many families of international students will visit South Australia throughout the duration of their stay and for graduation ceremonies – supporting our ailing tourism market.”

Mr Glazbrook also says international students also create awareness of South Australia, and can open the door to more international students and international trade links.

Ms Kent comes to the role with a comprehensive background in key managerial roles for Tourism Australia, both domestically and across South-East Asia.

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