Migration Solutions is an active advocate for immigration reform in Australia. We believe that immigration is a key contributor to economic growth and diversity in our community.

We actively promote immigration benefits to State and Federal Governments, industry bodies, the media and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to improve inconsistencies and address legislative oversights or anomalies within the Australian Immigration Regulations and Policy.


  • The establishment of Global Adelaide, creating a network of business and industry organisations to advocate for regional migration reform to support the growth and sustainment of a skilled workforce.
  • The impact of Section 48 of the Migration Act and international travel bans means that many people who would ordinarily be able to travel offshore to lodge a valid visa application for permanent residency in Australia are unable to do so. In many cases this has resulted in people being unable to lodge a permanent Australian visa.  Migration Solutions has been petitioning for change. You can sign our petition on  As part of this campaign, we have lobbied the Minister for change and surveyed those affected. You can read our survey report here.
  • The rights of temporary and provisional visa holders during COVID-19, including petitioning for changes to JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs, writing to the Minister and educating visa holders about restrictions, support and modifications to visa programs and conditions. This has included practical help by providing food vouchers to migrant individuals and families, who have lost their livelihoods during restrictions. Through fundraising efforts in 2020, we have raised over $50,000 for this cause.
  • Advising and advocating for change to South Australian and National immigration programs to close skills gaps for business and industry, improve efficiencies and support business growth.
  • Introduction of an economic migration program which is demand driven, rather than the current quota based programs
  • Reduction of IELTS requirements for RSMS visa-holders, and reintroduce exceptional circumstances for age
  • Introduction of a regional 482 visa (similar to the previous regional 457)
  • Reintroduction of post-qualification temporary visas for international students in the VET sector
  • Increase the migration program to 250,000 to 300,000 over next five years to allow capacity for economic and regional programs.
A group of professionals having a discussion in a corporate setting, symbolizing corporate migration

Corporate social responsibility programs

Migration Solutions’ team are enthusiastic supporters of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. We extend our support across many areas:

  1. Fundraising and volunteering in the community including charity fundraising events and special days for Cancer Council Morning Tea, Youthinc, BBQ to Boardroom book, City to Bay, World’s Greatest Shave and Movember
  2. Pro-bono, professional, migration advice. Since 2009, we have assisted anyone in Australia affected by cancer to get their family to Australia to visit or provide care. We also assist visa applicants, diagnosed with cancer, who are struggling to meet visa requirements. We have successfully assisted applicants in securing visas, either on a temporary or permanent basis. We also support the Gay and Lesbian Immigration Taskforce (GLIFT) SA, presenting seminars, advising on migration legislation and providing a complimentary, half hour consultation to GLITF members. A free, half hour consultation is also extended to participants of the City of Adelaide business and entrepreneurship program.
  3. Individual immigration advice. On a case by case basis, we support high profile exploitation and medical cases with individual visa and immigration advice (refer case below).
  4. Pro bono lobbying on migration policy and reform. This has included assisting with the Australia-wide Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement, SA DAMAs for State Government, including industry facilitation and discussion groups, working with RDAs to promote migration opportunities to regional businesses and industry, advising the Committee for Adelaide on policy and positioning, and assisting local and national industry groups with advice on the immigration program and reform.
  5. Community and business education including conducting metropolitan and regional seminars and events.
  6. Intra-office recycling and conscious disposal programs.


"Skilled migrants come into our area. They have to live here, they have to spend money to live so they use all the shops and all the facilities that everyone else does…it helps keep businesses viable and our shop doors open."
Mayor Leon Stasinowsk
District Council of Loxton Waikeri

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