Making sense of the 457 Review

The Department of Immigration have released the highly-anticipated findings of their 457 review, including 22 recommendations aimed at enhancing the integrity and accessibility of the programme to Australian employers. The report, entitled ‘Robust New Foundations,’ has proved to be a major source of interest for migration industry stakeholders everywhere. However according to Migration Solutions Managing Director, …

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New Labour Agreement program another step towards reinstatement of regional 457 visa

A newly-proposed blanket regional labour agreement program is likely to be welcomed by regional South Australian businesses, with many struggling to contend with poor economic conditions and widespread skills shortages. The Designated Migration Agreement Agreements program (DAMA) is currently being considered by the Federal government in an effort to assist local businesses in areas affected by …

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Caldeonia Scaffolding

The Problem In 2010, Migration Solutions was engaged by a corporate client in the form of a South Australian company named Caledonia Scaffolding Services. At the time, the company was competing for several large infrastructure contracts that were beyond the capabilities of a workforce of their size. For this reason, Migration Solutions advised Caledonia to consider …

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Migrant recruits forced to wait

Mark describes how processing times for visa applications had increased from weeks to months (and even years) in recent times, and the impact such long waiting times were having on both employers trying to fill skill shortages within their labour markets and the prospective employees.

Migration Solution | SA Mines and Energy Journal

Mark discusses the importance of locally-based skilled labour as a component of the South Australian workforce, and the detrimental impact an over-reliance on Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) workers have on the economy.

Boosting the labour pool | SA Defence Business Magazine

Mark dispels the negative perception surrounding Australian employers use of the migration program, pointing out how the multitude of benefits the program presents for businesses, particularly those that experience fluctuation in demand.

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