Visitor Visa

Wanting to visit Australia? The visitor visa allows you to travel to Australia for a holiday, to meet friends and family, and also for some business activities. Contact Migration Solutions today on (08) 8210 9800 Read more about Visitor Visas >

Parent Visa

Have you ever wondered what the requirements are for an Australian Parent Visa? Check out our latest video. For more information contact us for a consultation now. Read more about Parent Visas >

Reviews & Appeals

Unfortunately from time to time visa applications are refused or cancelled by the Immigration Department. In this video we explain some of the most important things you need to consider if you find yourself in this situation.

Partner Visa There are several pathways for someone who wants to migrate to Australia permanently to be with their partner. In this video we discuss the eligibility requirements and the visa process to obtaining a Partner Visa. For more information contact our office today on (08) 8210 9800 Read more about Partner Visas >

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