Labour Agreements are formal arrangements between an employer and the Minister of Immigration which allows the recruitment of an agreed number of overseas skilled workers.

This program is designed for occupations that are not on the list of approved occupations for the 482 visa, permanent Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) or Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), such as mobile plant operators, truck drivers, scaffolders and crane drivers. Pathways also exist for meat workers and the on-hire industry.

Key people for Corporate Services

Mark_2Mark Glazbrook

CEO / Principal Migration Agent
Registered Migration Agent Number: 0100185

Mark Glazbrook is the Managing Director of Migration Solutions and has been involved in the migration profession for over 17 years.

Call Mark on 8210 9800 or email him

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Susan Mulder

Senior Migration Coordinator (Corporate)

Susan is the senior migration coordinator primarily working with our corporate clients and processing employer-sponsored visa applications such as 482 visas.

Call Susan on 8210 9800 or email her

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