The parent migration program enables Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor their parents to migrate to Australia.

To be eligible to meet the legal requirements for this type of visa, you must be the parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. In addition to this and other requirements, you must be able to meet the balance of family test. The balance of family test requires you to have equal to or a greater number of children living permanently in Australia than any other country or countries overseas.

You must also be sponsored by your child, who is required to be a settled Australian citizen or permanent resident. This requires your child to have lived in Australia for at least two years. In addition to your sponsorship, you will be required to have an assurer, who will provide an assurance of support.

There are three different types of visas available under the permanent Parent visa category. Find out more below.

Parents under the Australian pension age must apply for an off-shore Parent visa. You must be able to meet the balance of family test, be sponsored and have an assurer to provide an assurance of support.

Parents over the Australian pension age may be eligible to apply in Australia; as well as outside of Australia. Again you must be able to meet the balance of family test, be sponsored and have an assurer to provide an assurance of support.

Parents and Aged Parents who meet the legal requirements to be granted a Parent visa and who are willing to contribute to their health costs in Australia may apply for the Contributory Parent Visa. You will still need to be sponsored and have an assurer.

Contact us to obtain an understanding of the full costs involved. There are significant Government charges. It’s best to make a consultation with one of our Adelaide Migration Agents to go through these conditions and assess your eligibility, as well as take you through the payments required for this visa type. You can meet at our Adelaide migration agency, via telephone or online.

There is a two year temporary Contributory Parent Visa option available where applicants can pay half of the costs first and the remaining within the 2 year period to become a permanent resident. 

Parent and Aged Parent applicants do not have to pay the same health charge as a Contributory Parent; however, there are fewer positions available under these classes of visas, which in most cases will result in waiting longer for a visa to be granted.

Other options are available for parents wanting to stay in Australia on a temporary basis.

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