The 482 visa is designed to enable employers to address labour shortages by bringing, genuinely skilled workers to Australia, where an appropriately skilled Australian worker cannot be sourced. It facilitates targeted use of overseas workers to address temporary skill shortages, while ensuring the primacy of Australian workers. It consists of a three stage application process; sponsorship, nomination and visa application. 


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this visa, employees must be nominated to work in an approved occupation on the combined list of eligible skilled occupations. If the occupation appears on the MLTSSL (Medium Long Term Skill Shortage List), or the ROL (Regional Occupation List), the visa can be granted for up to four years. If it appears on the STSOL (Short Term Skills Occupation List), it can only be granted for a maximum of two years. (Exceptions may apply.)

Applicants for this visa must:

  • Have worked in the nominated occupation, or a related field, for at least two years
  • Have met the skills requirements for the nominated occupation
  • Meet registration and licensing guidelines where applicable
  • Meet the English language requirement
  • Have been nominated by an approved business
  • Have specific health insurance for all family members whilst in Australia, and
  • Meet any necessary health requirements

Recent changes mean certain occupations may have extra requirements. Contact us for more information

If you are considering the 482 program to address skill shortages or to employ key staff from an overseas business in Australia, it is extremely important that you are aware of and are compliant with the relevant sponsorship obligations. Contact us for more information.

Employer sponsors may consider applying to become accredited sponsors. This provides access to initiatives that streamline processing of 482 visas, reduce processing times, particularly for lower risk applicants, and gain priority processing status. Talk to us about this approach for your business. 

Key people for Temporary Skill Shortage 482

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Susan is the senior migration coordinator primarily working with our corporate clients and processing employer-sponsored visa applications such as 457 visas.

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