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But then I came to Migration Solutions and they gave me the support I needed not to give up and they did it, because I got my permanent residency. Thank you, Mark, and thank you Migration Solutions. I am so happy and grateful for all your help
Frederica Lupis
We would like to say a very big thank you to Migration Solutions, especially to Vanessa, for helping us in the process
Bobalan and Nirmala, Parent visa
When we needed to apply for a partner visa, I know that Migration Solutions are so good that we came here to ask for help from them so now I got my partner visa granted
Michael Makiling, AAT Appeal & Partner Visa
Kangaroo Island needs migrants like Jacques Lurton because he brings into Kangaroo Island an expertise that doesn’t exist here
Mayor James Clement, Council of Kangaroo Island
Skilled migrants come into our area. They have to live here, they have to spend money to live so they use all the shops and all the facilities that everyone else does…it helps keep businesses viable and our shop doors open
Mayor Leon Stasinowsky, District Council of Loxton Waikeri
Once we’ve gone through the recruitment process and we know the person we want, we then need to start a process of applying for the appropriate visa for them to come to SAHMRI. Given that our HR team are not experts in immigration, the first thing we do is contact Migration Solutions for their advice and assistance. They help us to get through the process as efficiently as possible and they’re fast, flexible and friendly in their service
Collette Ordish, Human Resources Manager, SAHMRI
So in order for SAHMRI to be successful, we have to have the very best people because medical research is immensely competitive and the best people don’t necessarily always live in South Australia, so we need to attract talent from overseas, bring them here to join our groups and enable us to be competitive
Steve Wesselingh, Executive Director, SAHMRI
One of the challenges in running a global program is actually getting the founders from overseas into the country, getting their visas and getting them here on time. And then we found Migration Solutions. They’ve basically just taken over for us. They’ve worked with the founders. More importantly though, they’ve worked with State and Federal Government and I just didn’t have to worry about that thanks to them
Terry Gold, Managing Director, Techstars Adelaide

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