Strategic, operational, support and compliance services to support business, industry, associations and government address skills shortages

Migration Solutions provide strategic, operational and tactical guidance to local and international corporates and businesses, government, industry and associations to assist to fill immediate skills gaps and support future workforce planning through the Australian immigration program.

We work closely with industry and government, participating in committees and boards, and supporting state and national industry associations around immigration policy and workforce planning. Our clients are both local and international, spanning many industries. We also advise local, state and federal government.

As each entity has different immigration and visa requirements, we tailor our services accordingly to achieve the best outcomes and support growth aspirations limited by local skills gaps. Our approach ranges from providing individual advice on Australia’s immigration rules and regulations, advising on policy and the implications of changes, developing immigration pathways to recruit or secure international workers, and strategic workforce planning a to underpin growth, to the complete ongoing operation and governance of your migration program, as well as relocation and settlement for new staff members in in Australia.

The immigration application process is just one step of the international recruitment process.  The correct selection of international staff and relocation is fundamentally important to maximise retention and success of international employees, another service that we offer.

For those businesses who employ staff on an Australian work visa, is also vitally important that you are aware of and comply with your sponsorship obligations and are aware of relevant details of all employees engaged on 482 visas. Migration Solutions can take the risk out of this program by assisting you to implement a corporate governance model pertaining to the sponsorship obligations. Migration Solutions can also carry out an audit of all current 482 employees, ensuring that employers/sponsors are compliant with all sponsorship obligations.

Industry experience

  • Building and construction
  • Creative arts
  • Defence and space
  • Energy and minerals
  • Food and agribusiness
  • Government and public agencies
  • Health and medical
  • Hospitality
  • International education
  • Professional services
  • Research Retail and franchising
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Tourism

Corporate services

There are a range of different visas and migration pathways accessible to business and industry. So, our service offering begins with meeting you to understand your goals and issues around shortages in skilled staff. We can then be better placed to advise on a strategy and approach that will facilitate achieving your goals. Rest assured, we will support and guide you through every step.

Our services include:

  • Migration pathway assessment and workforce planning strategy.
  • Business and industry labour agreements.
  • Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) advice and support.
  • Recommending the best and most appropriate migration strategy for recruitment of individuals (and their families).
  • Assessment of and advice on Australia’s immigration eligibility criteria and options.
  • Preparing and submitting temporary or permanent visa applications to the Department of Home Affairs, including requests for priority processing.
  • Preparing detailed advice, submissions and documentation in support of visa applications. 
  • Application lodgement, status updates and complete additional work required in responding to Departmental requests.
  • Engaging with third parties (where required) to assist with the visa application process.
  • Specialist recruitment services for skilled candidates from the Philippines, including relocation assistance.
  • Identification of risks and implementation of corporate governance programs to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements. 
  • Acting on your behalf in the event of an immigration audit or enquiries by the Department.
  • Advice and assisting with difficult immigration matters, reviews, appeals or cancellations.
  • Providing immigration training and/or information sessions to your business and any international employees.
  • Individual relocation and settlement assistance to international employees moving to South Australia.

For businesses, skills shortages affect productivity and business outcomes.  The Australian migration programme not only allows businesses to recruit internationally and fill skill shortages, it also acts as an enabler and facilitator, enabling growth and allowing businesses to successfully win and tender for new projects. See below for an example of how we have assisted businesses to expand and diversify their operations through use of the skilled migration programme.

The process


We meet with you to discuss your workforce goals, skills gaps and opportunities to recruit international talent. We assess your eligibility to be a sponsor, potential visa applicants and appropriate pathways.

2. Expert migration advice

Once we have presented you with options and cost estimates, we’ll support you to choose the appropriate pathway to ensure your future workforce needs are addressed to set up your business for success. We have an experienced team that specialise in supporting different types of employer sponsored visas, labour agreements and various visa options to suit different individuals and needs. You will be supported by the Corportae Migration Agent who can best support you.

There is a lot of information needed to support any visa application or strategic workforce pathway, so your Corporate Migration Agent will brief you on the requirements and provide you with a detailed list. You will be able to contact your Agent and their team to check on anything you are unsure of, and they will support you the develop the trusted relationship we like to have with our business clients. If you have any questions, concerns or require clarification on what you need to provide, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. Face-to-face meetings or online video calls are best made by contacting our Reception team for an appointment.

Collating the information and documents needed

If we are proceeding to a visa application, this is the next stage of your engagement. The instructions from your Corporate Migration Agent will indicate how documents should be provided to us. The vast majority of applications are submitted online, so you will usually be requested to submit all documents by email.

Application preparation

Once all of the required information is received from you, your Corporate Migration Agent will lead the preparation of your application. This is then reviewed carefully by our Operations Manager or Senior Migration Agent. We place a high importance on ensuring that every application that is lodged by Migration Solutions is of the highest quality and proactively address any concerns. As a result, we have a thorough review process which ensures that any issues are addressed prior to lodgement.

Application lodgement

Once your application has our tick of approval, it is ready for lodgement and we request finalisation of your invoices. Your application is lodged and we inform you of this status. This may include providing you with the acknowledgement by the Department of Home Affairs.

Requests for further information

On occasion, the Department of Home Affairs may request further information. As we take a proactive approach to case management, when we see trends in requests from the Department or Department approvals, we also review any other applications that exist under similar circumstances and may request further information as well. In these cases, you will be contacted to clarify requirements and we will work with you to ensure these are met.


Once a decision on your application is received, you will be contacted by your Migration Agent with the news!

8. Corporate governance

We offer a specialist service to our corporate and business clients to ensure that you meet your compliance obligations. This involves Migration Solutions being across all of your international workforce visas, monitoring any changes, recommending new pathways and ensuring appropriate governance. It is an important services to ensure that you are not in breach of Government legislation.


"So in order for SAHMRI to be successful, we have to have the very best people because medical research is immensely competitive and the best people don’t necessarily always live in South Australia, so we need to attract talent from overseas, bring them here to join our groups and enable us to be competitive."
Steve Wesselingh
Executive Director, SAHMRI

Key migration agents

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Mark Glazbrook

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