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I can focus on what I need to focus on and they (Migration Solutions) take care of what you need
Shannon Shorter, Houston, Texas, USA – Shooting guard, Adelaide 36ers, Sports Visa
I would definitely recommend Migration Solutions for any international athlete coming over here to Australia. They did a great job getting my visa available for me to play. I didn’t have any issues and I want to thank those guys for allowing that
Ramone Moore, Philadelphia, USA – Shooting guard, Adelaide 36ers, Sports Visa
It’s amazing to take my game from a super small town to all over the world and it’s been such a simple process
Ruth Hamblin, British Columbia, Canada – Centre, Adelaide Lightening, Sports Visa
I’d definitely recommend Migration Solutions to other national athletes. The visa process was super quick and simple. They basically had me playing on the court as soon as I landed from the plane.
Natalie Novosel, Kentucky USA – Guard, Adelaide Lightening, Sports Visa
Once Phillip saw me ride, he offered to sponsor me on a training 402 visa as an apprentice jockey…It’s been so helpful having Migration Solutions there throughout the visa process as it allows me to concentrate on my riding and riding winners for Phillip Stokes’ team
Emily Finnegan, Training Visa 402
We then went to Migration Solutions seeing as we’d dealt with them in the past. They just do everything for us. There’s no stress in the paperwork. It’s just a matter of them finding the appropriate visa and then it’s been really good and we’ve used them and we’ll continue to use them
Phillip Stokes, SA Trainer, Phillip Stokes Training
It’s been very beneficial using Migration Solutions for the visa requirements for the 36ers
Guy Hedderwick, Adelaide 36ers
Thanks to Migration Solutions for making us the visa and to get the chance to be here in Australia and play the Australian Open
Jill Teichmann, Swiss tennis player, Sports visa

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