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I engaged Migration Solutions to assist with a response to a request received from the Immigration department in relation to a Schedule 3 criteria for my Partner visa application. The team at Migration Solutions was very welcoming and organised environment. Vanessa De Pretis and Hayley Radford assisted with my application and together they were able to put together a strong response with supporting document against my expectation (and that of other people from online forums). After two years of fighting for it on my own, I was asked by the Immigration department to leave the country if I couldn’t satisfy my case officer letting me apply for partner visa onshore. I would lose my job, my home and every other thing which I worked hard to gain. The success of Vanessa on my case helped me to not lose anything and continue my job here in Australia. I suggested Migration Solutions, especially Vanessa, to anyone I knew needed help with their visa situation. I told them the quality of the agents in there are high, their knowledge are up to date (which is VERY important considering the everyday change of regulation of immigration) and they really care about you and deal with your case by their highest power. I know I paid for the service I received, but I never can thank you guys enough for what you have done for me.
R.S (Partner visa)
Obtaining an Australian visa was very important for me and my family, as this application was our only hope of us staying in Australia. All our hopes and dreams were based on the outcome of this application, which was why we entrusted it to the experienced team at Migration Solutions. The staff are quite professional, experienced, and efficient. My case officer was extremely helpful and dedicated towards their work, always kept me updated as to the progress of my application, and was quick to answer my questions by either phone or email. I would highly recommend Migrations Solutions to any of my friends or relatives that were thinking of migrating to Australia.
Sulochana Peter (RSMS visa)
Our first impression of Migration Solutions was that they were very professional and knowledgable. Every interaction we experienced throughout the service was exceptional, as the quality, kindness, and understanding of the entire staff can be felt when as soon as you walk in the door. We have and will continue to recommend Migration Solutions to anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of the Australian Immigration Department and system.
Sallie and Marshal Montgomery (General Skilled Migration Visa)
Over the course of my application, I was in consultation with Migration Solutions for over a year and a half. Due to the complexity of my case, Mark and Harry also assisted Vanessa by sharing their valuable time and providing me with outstanding assistance and advice. Overall I found the attitude of staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. They kept me informed and provided great advice, allowing me to feel empowered and involved in every step and decision making process.
Raman Kamboj (General Skilled Migration Visa)
My first contact with Migration Solutions was my last chance to stay in Australia after another migration agent left me in serious trouble. Mark provided a professional service with a no mess no fuss attitude in achieving the main goal with a limited amount of time. I am still here and I really appreciate the job and effort Mark has done. Thanks to Migration Solutions I have a better future now than I would have in my own country.
Alex G. (RSMS visa)
Migration Solutions approach was very straightforward & professional but personal at the same time. Migration Solutions helped us all the way through with the preparation & submission of documentation. After the application was lodged, they kept us informed of the progress of the application. They helped with both the primary and secondary stages of the visa, which resulted in my wife getting her spouse visa and permanent residency a year later. We really appreciate the effort Migration Solutions put in the application and would recommend them any day. One goes to the doctor when they fall ill, and to a professional migration agent when they need help with "migration". It is their job and that is why they do it well.
F. Master (Partner Visa)
We found Migration Solutions a very helpful company to deal with. From the very beginning of our application, Mark and all his agents have helped us every step of the way. From the TRA forms right through to our visas. They always kept us up to date with our application, and were quick to answer any questions that we had. They have also been very responsive with emails always replying within 24hrs. We highly recommend Migration Solutions to anyone thinking of migrating to Australia and I don’t think we would of done it without them, as the forms can be a little daunting at times. It was good to know that there was help on the other end of the phone or email.
J & P Bradley (General Skilled Migration Visa)
I came to Australia on student visa in 2009 after finished my Bachelor of Arts degree in India. I decided to come Australia for my further study and better future. Migration solutions helped me to achieve my dream for PR through RSMS visa within 7 months. Migration solutions are very knowledgeable and excellent staff. They advised me in such a way I got my success within a limited time frame. These are really professional people. My experience to visit migration solutions was really good. Yes, I would highly recommend to other migrants to have their visas done by them.
Gurjeet Kaur (Student Visa to RSMS Visa)

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