A newly-proposed blanket regional labour agreement program is likely to be welcomed by regional South Australian businesses, with many struggling to contend with poor economic conditions and widespread skills shortages.

The Designated Migration Agreement Agreements program (DAMA) is currently being considered by the Federal government in an effort to assist local businesses in areas affected by poor labour market conditions.

The program would allow employers greater access to skilled or semi-skilled overseas workers where there is deemed to be an insufficient supply of suitable candidates available locally to fill the position.

Managing Director of Migration Solutions, Mark Glazbrook, says whilst the implementation of such a programme would provide a massive boost for all of South Australia, regional areas in particular would benefit.

“This programme will provide an excellent opportunity for regional South Australia to address skill shortages and boost population growth, which in turn will create employment and training opportunities and ensure that essential services can be retained in regional areas,” he said.

“The economic development of our regions is critical to the long-term prosperity of South Australia, and this programme would certainly be a positive step towards helping to achieve this much-needed growth.”

Included in the Department’s proposal draft is an assurance that the programme won’t disadvantage local workers, stating that the programme has been designed to ensure the recruitment of Australian workers will remain employers first priority.

Migration Solutions will continue to report on any updates regarding the implementation of the programme as they occur.

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