We have got some exciting news to share regarding the fresh nomination requirements announced by Migration SAThe South Australian 2023–24 General Skilled Migration program is now open!

The South Australian Government just unveiled its 2023–24 State Nomination Program for General Skilled Migration and their updated Skilled Occupation List. They have introduced a new process called the Registration of Interest (ROI). This change comes as South Australia faces high demand from migrants like you who want to live and work in SA, but there are only a limited number of nomination spots available. The new requirements for South Australia’s General Skilled Migration under the SA State Nomination Program are:

  • ROI Process: You can’t apply for state nomination directly anymore. Instead, you need to submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) and wait for an invitation from South Australia. It’s the first step to getting nominated.
  • SA Graduates: must have been residing in SA for the last 6 months and be currently employed for at least 30 hours per week in your nominated occupation or closely related occupation (represented by first 2 digits of the ANZSCO code), post course completion.
  • Long Term Residents and Outer Regional Streams: removed
  • Priority: South Australia wants to keep its international graduates and temporary visa holders close, so they are giving them priority.
  • High Demand Skills: If you are skilled in sectors like Trades and Construction, Defence, Health, Education, Natural and Physical Science, or Social and Welfare Professions, you may stand a chance of receiving an invitation to lodge the state nomination application.
  • Special Contributions: If you have experience in the Defence industry or specialised skills in digital and critical technologies, South Australia wants you too. SA is looking for applicants who can make a strong impact on SA’s fast growing industries and national projects.
  • Highly Skilled and Talented: if you can contribute to the state’s critical priority sectors and demonstrate how you can bring new ideas, skills, and innovation to South Australia, there is a high chance of receiving an invitation regardless of your current location – SA, offshore or interstate.

SA graduates and temporary visa holders currently working in SA can still explore a wide range of occupations through the General Skilled Migration program in South Australia, just like in previous years of the SA State Nomination Program. And if you are an offshore skilled worker, there are over 290 different occupations open for you to explore.

If you are highly skilled and working in one of these critical sectors, don’t hesitate! Contact us to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) and ROI. While there are no guarantees, it is definitely worth a shot. Each case will be assessed individually, so you might just be the perfect fit!


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