457 Integrity Review Update

Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash has announced this morning that the recommendations of the Independent 457 Programme Review are set to be released in the near future.

Speaking at the Migration Institute of Australia WA State conference in Perth this morning, Senator Cash revealed that the review, entitled Robust New Foundations, will feature 27  recommendations designed to make the 457 program more “streamlined, transparent and responsive.”

Also announced was that the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) – or minimum salary threshold – would not be indexed for this year.

The Assistant Minister went on to foreshadow a reduction in red tape throughout the program, with a greater emphasis being placed on business-use to facilitate growth and expansion.

Stay tuned to IMMIGRATION NEWS for further updates as they occur.


Since publication, Migration Solutions has learned the details of the South Australian State Government’s private submission to the 457 Independent Review, which include what we consider to be a number of detrimental recommendations which would make the programme less accessible for local Australian businesses.

Among the requested changes is an increase to the current English-language requirements.

Migration Solutions Managing Director, Mark Glazbrook, described the government’s submission as “deeply concerning”, particularly given that current statistics show around 71 per cent of 457 visa holders transition to permanent residency following the expiration of their visa.

“With South Australia’s poor level of immigration outcomes, we should be doing everything possible to attract more skilled migrants to settle in South Australia,” he said.

“Making a program that forms a strong pathway to permanent residency less accessible would be counterproductive to these aims.

“We can only hope these recommendations fail to influence the review’s final recommendations.”

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