, a registered nurse, came to Australia on a student visa, which was a few months away from expiry.
After meeting with Migration Solutions, Mark Glazbrook suggested that if she could find full time work or an offer of employment she would be able to approach the SA government and request to be nominated.
After meeting with various employers, Perminder was soon offered a job as an RN, and came back to Migration Solutions straight away to meet with her migration agent, Peng – Her student visa was now 1 week from expiring.
Peng and Perminder submitted a 190 nomination to Immigration SA as well as a letter to the Immigration Department requesting priority processing. Perminder needed her nomination approved, as well as her invitation issued by the department in the space of a week!
3 hours later, the Nomination had not only been approved by Immigration SA, but an invitation letter was received from the Department of Immigration for Perminder to lodge her 190 Visa application.
Mark Glazbrook said ‘This is the quickest 190 state nomination approval that we have EVER seen or heard of. State nomination applications can take up to 8 to 10 weeks. I have no doubt in my mind that our assistance has helped Perminder to lodge her application on time. ‘
If Perminder was unable to be approved before the end of the week, her student visa would have expired and she and her family would have had to leave Australia.
Migration Solutions is extremely happy to have been able to assist you, Perminder. We wish you all the best for your future life in Australia!

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