Insights into Tasmania’s State Nomination Program 2023-24

I believe that the recent changes announced by Migration Tasmania for their State Nomination Program 2023-24 are significant and have the potential to benefit skilled workers seeking opportunities in the state. With the inclusion of all occupations on the Department of Home Affairs Subclass 190 skilled occupations list for nomination, more individuals can now explore the possibility of migrating to Tasmania under this visa subclass.

The guidelines outlined on the website, which state that individuals with a skills assessment for an occupation listed on the Tasmanian Onshore Skilled Occupation List (TOSOL) can be nominated after 6 months of closely related employment, provide a clear path for those in specific occupations to secure their subclass 190 nomination relatively quickly.

For candidates with skills assessments for other occupations, the requirement to complete 15 months of closely related employment might be more demanding, but it also offers an opportunity for dedicated individuals to demonstrate their commitment and value to the Tasmanian workforce.

The increased prioritisation for PhD students who have studied in Tasmania and are completing their PhD is a commendable move by Migration Tasmania. Encouraging these individuals to stay in the state after their studies can contribute to Tasmania’s research and innovation sectors, while also benefiting from their skills and knowledge.

Overall, I see these changes as a positive step towards attracting skilled professionals to Tasmania, contributing to the state’s economic growth and development. At Migration Solutions, we will ensure that our clients are well-informed about these updates and guide them through the application process to maximise their chances of successfully obtaining a subclass 190 nomination in Tasmania.

We are also thrilled to inform potential offshore visa applicants about the incredible opportunities that Tasmania’s migration program currently offers. This program extends a warm invitation to skilled individuals who have received a job offer in Tasmania or have been graciously invited by Migration Tasmania to embark on this journey. What’s even more exciting is the promise of additional recruitment rounds throughout the program year, indicating a sustained commitment to welcoming offshore applicants into the Tasmanian community. With the migration program’s doors wide open, and the prospect of contributing to Tasmania’s prosperity, there has never been a better time for offshore applicants to explore this enriching path and make Tasmania their new home.

About the author

Shashe Selladurai

Shashe Selladurai is a registered Senior Migration Agent at Migration Solutions, assisting with student, temporary graduate, family and general skilled migration to Australia. Shashe has a Bachelor of Law (Hons) and a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice. She speaks four languages; English, Tamil, Malay and Indonesian.

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