Compassion is one of the most important qualities that our migration agents at Migration Solutions must have to ensure our visa applicants can make it through this emotional process.

This case study tracks the rollercoaster of emotion that our clients go through in their quest for a fresh start.

We first introduced readers to Priya last month when we posted ‘A migrant’s love story.’

It was a story that shows that migration isn’t just about finding a new home, it’s about searching for the life you have always wanted.

Now this month we update readers on Priya’s brave journey.


On June 19 Priya will be reunited with Prasun after 17 years.

“I am going to Nepal on the 19th of this month and we will be attending the marriage registrar on the 21st of June. Hopefully if all the documents are approved we will be officially married on the 21st of June.

The registry office in Nepal has only just re-opened as its original building was completely destroyed in Nepal’s April earthquakes.

Priya and Prasun will be one of the first couples getting married in the new building.

“Once we get a marriage certificate we will then apply for a visitor visa,” she said.

But the process isn’t that easy to get a partner visa and live in Australia.

Couples who decide to go through the Partner Visa process must meet a number of requirements until the permanent partner visa is granted, which can take 2-3 years.

They must prove to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that they have a mutual commitment to a shared life together, to the exclusion of all others, have a genuine and continuing relationship, and live together.

“I understand the requirements of spouse visa, it’s tough but rules are rules,” Priya said.

Priya said the only tough part for her is to stay apart from Prasun, during the spouse visa application process.

The first stage of a Provisional or Temporary Spouse visa, usually takes 12 months to be processed.

“We have waited 17 years so another year isn’t that bad,” she said.

“Sharing a life together is our dream we will do it any way we can.”

As Priya prepares to be reunited with her true love, she shared her appreciation for choosing Migration Solutions for all her visa requirements.

“I am very glad that I chose Migration Solution otherwise it would have been impossible for me. The support and the path that Migration Solution has given me will change my life and my world,” she said.

Prasun’s spouse application visa was lodged on May 21 this year. When Priya returns from Nepal she said she will update Migration Solutions on how she’s feeling about the process.

Originally posted as ‘A migrants love story.’

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