‘Migration Test’ | Channel 7 – Today Tonight

Mark is contacted by Channel 7’s ‘Today Tonight’ to contribute to a story on their 6.30pm bulletin regarding the IELTS English-language test faced by international graduates who wish to apply for a variety of permanent residency visas. Mark describes the test as obscure and not credible.

College students’ visas could be cancelled

Mark provides clarification on visa cancellation procedures, after reports of Immigration Department officials investigating attendance records of students at the Adelaide Pacific International College emerged.

Wrong workers given skilled migrant priority

Article from The Advertiser featuring Mark’s work as chairman of the Skilled Migration Growth Group, a committee focussed on lobbying the State and Federal Government to correct the imbalance of professions listed under the Skilled Occupations List.

Boosting the labour pool | SA Defence Business Magazine

Mark dispels the negative perception surrounding Australian employers use of the migration program, pointing out how the multitude of benefits the program presents for businesses, particularly those that experience fluctuation in demand.

Migration rule changes to hit trade student migrants

Mark expresses his frustration with retrospective changes made by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship that make it more difficult for student visa holders hoping to gain permanent residency to apply once they have completed their studies in this article for The Advertiser.

Red tape chokes arrival of vital GP’s

Mark highlights the Immigration Department’s staff cutbacks as the major factor responsible for the state’s inability to recruit overseas-trained doctors, despite a shortage of medical practitioners.

Industry pleads for more migrants

Mark’s formation of a 457 reform committee comprised of industry leaders for the purpose of addressing skills shortages is highlighted in this article by The Herald Sun, along with his assessment of the SA’s population growth targets as outlined in the State Strategic Plan.

White Adelaide eateries could be short of chefs

Mark echoes Adelaide restaurateurs in condemning changes made to the 457 visa eligibility requirements by the DIAC, which requires applicants to pass strict English language tests in order to be able to apply for a 457 visa, saying Adelaide’s diverse food culture would be sure to suffer as a result.

Packer scores in test of English

Mark discusses the need for changes to the IELTS English-language test, and how private companies that own the test are making huge profits out of migrants that having to repeatedly take the test in order to achieve a passing score.

Great wait of the world

Mark chimes in on the increasing waiting periods for visa applications as the Government ups the number of visa grants being allowed through the skilled migration program, despite shedding the necessary staff responsible for processing them in this article for The Australian.

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