Feegrade Consulting have announced a restructuring to their recently launched series of English-language proficiency workshops, which are being hosted in the Migration Solutions boardroom. 

The changes to to the original program are as follows:

Week 1 – The Speaking Domain:  

The development of fluency and communicative competence will be both addressed and practised.

Week 2 – The Writing Domain:

Individual writing ability will be work-shopped to polish this skill in order to achieve the specific task requirement, grammatical range and coherence expected in this domain.

Week 3 – The Listening Domain:

Prediction skills and strategies to achieve well in this domain will be both addressed and practised.

Week 4 – The Reading Domain: 

Understanding the different question types and the strategies to answer these various questions will be both addressed and practised to further develop  reading comprehension ability.

The program will run for 2 hours each on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One week will complete one module of study.

The cost will be $33 per hour of teaching, which works out to be $198 per week (per domain of study) inclusive of all teaching materials, resources and access to an English native speaking teacher.

Please contact Rohan at [email protected] or call 0411 488 628 to book a place.

You can also visit the website here for more information.

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