The progressive case for immigration

“WE CAN’T restore our civilisation with somebody else’s babies.” Steve King, a Republican congressman from Iowa, could hardly have been clearer in his meaning in a tweet this week supporting Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician with anti-immigrant views.

Treasurer Scott Morrison rejects cuts to immigration

Treasurer Scott Morrison has downplayed calls from One Nation and conservatives including Tony Abbott for Australia’s immigration intake to be decreased. Mr Morrison said net immigration had decreased since the last “big Australia” debate in 2010, and current levels were necessary to keep the economy going given the decline in the working age population.

Next populist showdown is all about immigration

The populist tide now surges towards a truly big target — Australia’s immigration intake, which was lauded by Donald Trump this week as a model — with the anti-immigration arguments based around city congestion, housing affordability, centralisation problems and the Muslim integration issue.

Trump budget plan has billions for border

President Donald Trump wants billions of dollars to start building a wall at the Mexican border and fund efforts to find, jail and deport immigrants in the country illegally.

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