Is Your Region’s Population in Decline?

Population growth in regional Australia is rapidly declining, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’s (ABS) Regional Population Growth Figures. The data which has been released for the 12 months leading up to June 2016 reveals a drastic decline in population for parts of regional Victoria, and major areas of regional SA.

Mark Glazbrook – TripleM mornings with Roo & Ditts 6/4/17

Hear Mark Glazbrook, Managing Director of Migration Solutions chat to TripleM morning hosts Roo & Ditts about the 457 visa and the changes required to boost the economy of South Australia’s regional towns. Leave your comments below!

Blackmail, extortion and slavery at a restaurant near you

Pawanjeet Heir’s eyes well up as she retells the story of how she unwittingly became a victim of visa fraud, extortion and indentured servitude. She is now facing her worst nightmare: deportation, along with her husband and young son, who have given up hope after the system failed them.

Horror in the Outback

Mark Glazbrook was recently quoted in Marie Claire about the exploitation of backpackers in Australia. ‘Backpackers can earn themselves an extra year in Australia by completing three months of working on the land. But widespread exploitation means that the experience can be more like 88 days of hell’ reports Cat Rodie.

Plea for migrants in regional areas

POPULATION growth in regional SA has slumped from 5000 to 970 new residents a year over the past five years, prompting calls to revamp migration programs to help country areas prosper.

Govt points to “economic transformation” as regional growth evaporates

Trade and Investment Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith insists a “pragmatic program of work to transform the economy” will inevitably help solve the state’s migration woes, as the latest Bureau of Statistics figures show South Australia’s regions grew by only 970 people in the year to March.

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